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                  We are committed to leading the industry development and growing into a world-class leading corporation specializes in industrial automatic equipment manufacturing.

                  Liande was established in 2002. It is now a national high-tech enterprise and the vice president of the Shenzhen Flat Panel Display Industry Association. Its predecessor is the Shenzhen Baoan District Liande Automatic Equipment Factory, which was founded in 1998 and is the first to specialize in LCD equipment R&D and manufacturing. Liande, a corporation that possesses technology patents and intellectual property, makes great influence in the areas of LCM, OLED, CTP and Non-Standard equipment R&D and manufacturing.

                  • Founded in 2002

                  • Registered Capital:144.12 Million Yuan

                  • 4 subsidiaries

                  • One of the Top 100 Independent Innovation Enterprises


                  Leading- We prove with “strength”.

                  Quality- We advertise with “Word of mouth”.

                  Service- We impress with “Sincerity”.


                  The equipment manufacturing industry is a basic and strategic industry. We must vigorously develop the equipment manufacturing industry


                  2018-1-3 18:11:44


                  您來或不來,我們都在這里,一份誠意滿滿的邀約,一個虎步行業的大品牌,一個火力全開的智慧平臺!……7月27-29日,“第三屆深圳國際智能裝備產業博覽會”,聯得… ...

                  2017-7-21 18:14:09


                  第一階段工作(2017年7月3日-8日)行政人事部2017年7月 目的:為了使2017年新入職大學畢業生更好地了解公司發展歷史、前景、企業文化、經營理念、規章制度與組織… ...

                  2016-9-30 18:14:32


                  尊敬的各位領導、各位來賓、各位親朋好友、聯得同事們: 大家晚上好! 經歷了六年的籌備、打拼、等待和煎熬……今天上午,我們終于在深交所敲鐘,正式在創業… ...